The Ukrainian agrarians exported a record 43.4 million tons of grain

zerno-picSince the beginning of 2016/2017 marketing year, Ukrainian agrarian enterprises exported 43.4 million tons of grain crops, which is a record indicator. In particular, it exceeds the export figures for the entire previous season by 4.4 million tons. This information was officially announced by the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

In particular, Ukraine exported 17.36 million tons of wheat, 5.34 million tons of barley, 20.41 million tons of corn and 10.6 thousand tons of rye. In addition, during the reporting period, agricultural companies managed to supply 370,000 tons of flour to foreign markets, 368,500 tons of which were wheat flour and 1.5 tons were other product variations.

Earlier, according to the results of the marketing year 2016/2017, the agrarians of Ukraine planned to set a record as the key suppliers of grain by offering 41.6 million tons of crops to the foreign market. The previous record was fixed in 2015/2016 marketing year at the level of 39.4 million tons.

Forecasts for the harvest-2017: if they collect less, the export consignment will be cut

According to the State Statistics Committee, in Ukraine in 2016, 65.95 million tons of grain and legumes were harvested – by 9.7% more than in 2015. This has become a record for the country since independence. At the same time, the harvest of 2017 may be lower than in the previous ones due to weather conditions. In this regard, the official position was observed by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Maxim Martynyuk.

According to the official, it is too early to make concrete forecasts: “Ukraine belongs to a relatively small number of states that exports almost 50% of its grain. According to FAO, the ratio of net exports to harvested crops in Ukraine is 43%. Ukraine on this indicator is the eighth in the world. This already leaves no reason for concern about the possible decline of the harvest.”

In particular, as the official assures, domestic consumers in Ukraine are fully provided with a reserve of 30 million tons of grain foreseen for export. The size of the export consignments can be adjusted depending on the yield. In any case, according to Maxim Martynyuk, domestic needs are more priority than export needs.

Harvest-2017 may be lower and different from planned, as this year is characterized by a large number of inappropriate weather conditions. Therefore, comparison of this crop with the records of the record year 2016 will not be correct.

In any case, as the representative of the state apparatus points out, the decline will be uncritical and will not affect the food security of our country. Moreover, according to expectations, the wheat will be very high-quality, and this will increase the export of flour. As for specific expert forecasts, they will be announced after the agrarians collect 20% of the grain this year.