Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a specific type of transportation and forwarding in which different transport is used on a step-by-step basis. Railway shipment is related to such transportation.

Planning and scheming multimodal transportation our specialists pay attention to various best solutions, find efficient itineraries and support cargo with one document.

Experience of our team allows us to develop routing plan using all kinds of transport so the process of transportation would be quick, uninterrupted and efficient as much as possible.

We ensure quick and high quality delivery of different goods and mixed cargo because our company has convenient terminal system which allows, if necessary, to provide appropriate storage of goods at temporary warehouses.

All duties are covered in forwarding contract which provides:

  • Good transportation of cargo meeting all requirements for its transportation;
  • Observance of all necessary conditions while loading, storage (during transportation) and unloading (after transportation) of cargo;
  • Control of condition and amount of transported goods;
  • Loading and delivery of products to appointed places;
  • Full payment of all necessary customs fees and duties;
  • Preparation of documents for successful transportation of imported or exported goods;
  • Registration of goods at customs service.

«First Logistic Company» executes transportation not only along convenient routes but also the most difficult one. That’s why our clients receive their cargo as fast as possible.

Thanks to long working experience, professionalism and competence of our specialists, cargoes are transported with high quality and perfect observance of security measures.

We constantly develop our skills to provide high quality multimodal transportation of all kinds of goods in all possible directions.