Oleksandr Mykhailovych Dubyna is appointed as First Logistic Company General Manager

Oleksandr Mykhailovych has ten-year experience of top-management in solid logistic companies of Ukraine. Before, he held office of Spetswagon Trans Leasing Company’s Director where he operated 6,000 wagons, and was at the head of Eurasia Trans Service Company specializing in transportation of liquid bulk cargo.

Such changes in personnel are related to the strategic decision of Maksym Shkil, the Supervisory Board Chairman and the owner of First Logistic Company, to enhance directions of the company’s activity and develop water transport logistics.

Railway freight transportation, as before, stays in the priority of FLC’s activity. The company performed an investment program in its own rolling stock in 2018–2019, which totalled to USD 35 mln. As a result, own company fleet achieved 500 wagons, and the total rolling stock, which is under FLC operation, exceeds 1,000 units.

“FLC achieved leading positions in the market on transportation of grain crops and increased both financial and reputational potential to develop new directions of activities. Taking into consideration that we have common strategic views with the company owner concerning its further development and increasing transportation volumes, I am convinced in our cooperation efficiency,” Oleksandr Dubyna commented on the new position.