Assembly, registration and maintenance of freight and packaged goods

Comprehensive services for the assembly, registration and maintenance of oversized cargo for transporting on the territory of Ukraine and for export.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides comprehensive services for the assembly, registration and maintenance of oversized cargo for transportation in Ukraine and exports, which include:

  • timely provision of covered wagons and flat cars;
  • organization of loading and unloading operations;
  • registration of railway transportation documents;
  • cargo insurance;
  • certification of cargo;
  • organization of private cargo security;
  • locating and securing of cargo, according to the agreed plan;
  • cargo tracking, delay monitoring and elimination of the causes.

What kind of wagons does the company provide for the transportation of container and packaged goods?

Having vast experience in transportation, FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY independently selects the optimal type of cars for your goods. Among them may be: covered and open cars, semi wagons, platforms, hoppers and others.

For professional selection of the type of wagon for your cargo, call: +38 (044) 481 3344

What additional services does1LC provide?

In addition to the above services included in the package, we prepare the cargo, documentation, and carry out customs clearance for export delivery.

Які переваги замовлення у послуги у ПЛК?

After ordering services and processing your container and packaged goods with1LC, you will be notified of the number of cars, location, and security of the cargo.

You can get acquainted with other advantages of cooperation by getting advice from our manager.

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Material goods in freight wagons during transport are at risk of theft. To prevent this situation, FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides a demanded service - protection by security companies.

How does the protectionwork

The task involves a completeset of measures. It includes:

  • selection, inspection and preparation of wagons for loading;
  • proper placement of goods;
  • planning a safe route;
  • control of integrity of seals;
  • monitoring of wagons at parking;
  • maintenance by employees of the security organization;
  • delivery of valuables to the recipient.

Round the clock tracking, communications and video surveillance prevents the possibility of theft. At the final destination the team supervises unloading while the documents on the transfer and acceptance.are signed.

The legislation of Ukraine allows protecting all types of goods. The sender, at their discretion, determines the need for security measures. Accompanying workers observe confidentiality, without disclosing information about the nature, amount of cargo, the addressee and other information.

Risk reduction contributes to cargo insurance. Contracts are drawn upfor single or multiple deliveries, which brings significant savings.

Why it is beneficial to cooperate with 1LC

At all stages, our professional staff is involved. This eliminates random errors while organizing security protection and the preparation of accompanying documents.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides clients with:

  • reliable operators performing work with increased responsibility;
  • freshly serviced cars in perfect working order;
  • reasonable rates.

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