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FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY tries as much as possible to simplify the shipping of the client’s cargo. Beginning from documentation and ending with safe delivery at the final destination. The handling of these tasks is entrusted to experienced employees. At all stages there are qualified professionals who know their job and perform it professionally and responsibly.

What services can I use?

We give grain and oilseedtransportation top priority. It is most relevant for Ukrainian agrarians. The company owns a fleet with a wide range of railcars for this and other services.

1LC also provides other services:

  • export-import transportation with registration of a full package of accompanying documents; • transporting bulk, liquid, oversized and other cargoes, including hazardous ones;
  • transshipment;
  • transit;
  • forwarding

To ensure safety, railcars are sealed and accompanied by paramilitary security guards. Especially valuable cargos are insured.

Optimal logistics routes are plannedin order to reduce delivery time. Delays in transit are tracked by our own dispatchers. The causes are promptly eliminated.

Your number one  partner

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY - without exaggeration, is the leader in its industry. It took us more than 10 years of hard work to achieve this honorable position. There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to contact us:

  • the constant presence of a sufficient number of railcars of any type;
  • affordable rates;
  • extensive professional experience.

If you need a reliable partner, we offer beneficial cooperation. Our manager will immediately call you back as soon as a request is received from you. You can fill itin onour website.