Transport of grains and oilseeds

Finding solutions to complex problems. Optimal tariff rates. A large fleet of our own and leasedrailcars.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides the right amount of grain hopper cars needed as we have our own rolling stock.

  • A full range of services for the transport of grain and oilseed crops includes:
    • loading and unloading operations;
    • sampling and transfer of grain samples for research;
    • obtaining the necessary certificates
    • customs clearance (export / import)
    • registration of railway transportation documents;
    • cargo insurance;
    • organization of private paramilitary cargo security;
    • continuous tracking of cargo movement, monitoring delays and eliminating their causes.

Which grains exactly does 1LC transport?

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY is engaged in the transport of a wide range of agricultural crops and products:

  • all types of grains (corn, wheat, barley, millet, oats, rye)
  • oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed)
  • legumes (peas, lentils, soybeans)
  • processed products (grist, bran, sunflower oil);
  • other (buckwheat, mustard, coriander, flax, sorghum and others).

How to choose the desired type of railcars for transportation of grain and oilseeds?

We select the necessary rolling stock according to the client’s request and the characteristics of the cargo.

  • hopper cars for transportation of grain;
  • gondola cars (covered and hatch)
  • covered wagons;
  • tanks;
  • refrigerator cars;
  • thermoses.

What are the advantages of transporting crops by 1LC?

1LC services are designed to simplify and speed up cargo transport, to ensure their certification, and customs clearance for export. The cargo is delivered reliably with no risk of return.

The optimal cost of the company's services is due to the availability of own cars, direct contracts with elevators and a wide network of offices throughout Ukraine.

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The positive dynamics of agricultural development and the high share of grains and oilseeds require prompt delivery from the seller to the buyer. Agricultural producers are interested in reducing transportation costs. Transporting grain by railway solves the problem with minimal risk.


FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY, founded by Maksym Shkil, with its large fleet of rolling stock, take advantage of its wide capabilities.

Grain producers are provided with specialized transport for grain and other crop products.

Transporting bulk and liquid cargo and oils requires maintaining a certain level of humidity and temperature mode.

Railcars for  grain, flour, and oil transport are selected depending on the container - bulk, liquid, packed in barrels, bags, or flasks.

Variety of vehicle




Hopper Car

(grain carrier, bunker)


Grain, oilseeds, legumes without packaging




Draft vegetable oil




Any products in packaged form

Thermos car

For products that require maintaining certain temperature and humidity level. Used for short distances.

The maximum carrying capacity is 71 tons and varies depending on the design of the wagon. Loading in hoppers and tanks is carried out through the top, and unloading through the lower hatches into the inter-track space. In covered wagons and thermoses, the side doors serve this purpose.

Where to begin

After receiving the online application form completed on the site, the manager phones to get the expanded information necessary for calculating the freight cost.

During the period of validity of the agreement signed with the client, FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides documentary and customs (for export / import) clearance, as well as complete information on the status and location of the freight.

All difficulties will remain on the sidelines if you choose our company. Call us or send a request, and we will professionally deal with the task with a minimal cost of time and money.