Handling client’s own rolling stock

Ensuring control of the client’s rolling stock at all stages of the operation. Carrying out timely repairs. Increasing the rotation ratio of the rolling stock.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY assumes operational control over all stages of the client’s rolling stock. This is done through the company’s own round-the-clock dispatch center. Full range of services includes:

  • online updates on the location of cars;
  • control of the quantity and quality of cargo;
  • organization and control of loading and unloading operations;
  • registration of railway transportation documents;
  • monitoring and timely maintenance of wagons;
  • technical and administrative support for work with railway stations;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • certification of cargo;
  • organization of private paramilitary cargo security;
  • production of the  cargo layout with its subsequent approval;
  • locating and securing cargo, according to an  agreed plan;
  • cargo tracking, monitoring delays and eliminating their causes;
  • sealing loaded wagons;
  • provision of consulting services for regional procurement.

What are the advantages of handling services for the client?

Using our handling services saves the client the trouble of organizing transportation. The client can fully focus on other business of the company (growing crops, making or selling products, etc.) and optimize additional costs. The qualified specialists of1LC will take care of the expenditures, the registration of the necessary papers, certification and insurance. We monitor the operation of the rolling stock, and provide security protection.  If necessary, we can arrange the transshipment of cargo.

What railcars do we handle?

We handle all common types of cars:

  • grain hoppers;
  • gondola cars;
  • tanks;
  • covered cars;
  • mineral wagons;
  • cement cars;
  • refrigerator cars;
  • thermoses;
  • platforms.

What additional services does1LC provide?

In addition to services that are directly related to handling,FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY conducts the selection and transfer of cargo samples for research, radiological examination, environmental monitoring and obtaining the necessary certificates and expertise. You can learn more about cooperation by calling +38 (044) 481 3344

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The fleet of wagons in Ukraine is dispersed by various operators providing cargo transportation. Some wagons are owned by the manufacturers. It is not always convenient for the owner to use the equipment; thus FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY comes to help and takes care of the transportation.

Direct c lient benefits

Handling  implies that the the client is responsible for providing transport for the delivery of cargo. Havingyourown fleet, there is an opportunity to save on renting railcars. Nevertheless, it is better to entrust the loading / unloading, forwarding, registering of an impressive package of accompanying documents to such experienced professionals as 1LC.

Agricultural producers are in an advantageous position. In the high season of harvesting, it is more cost-effective for them to entrust the delivery in Ukraine to a third-party with such experience.

What does the client gain from the signing of the agreement:

  • savings in staffing required for the organization of the process;
  • Less distraction from the client’s main activity;
  • speedy shipping: the required number of cars is alwaysat hand.

When providing handling service for the client’s rolling stock, we accept the wagons we have experience working with. These include all varieties of hoppers and bunkers, covered cars, cisterns, gondola cars and other types.

We offer partnership

Cooperation with FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY brings tangible results to clients:

  • the risk of making mistakes when filling out documents is reduced to zero;
  • the train moves along a previously planned route with minimal delays;
  • all problems arising along the way are solved clearly and quickly.

 You can find out the details of the contract by sending the completed form. Managers will immediately call you back and answer all questions. Contact us – we will solve the task with favorable terms!