Export shipments

A full range of customs services by our representative: the declaration and registration of the necessary documentation for trouble-free export of cargo.

With extensive experience in transportation, 1LC provides a full range of services for a smooth customs clearance, the break-even dispatch of goods for export and the smooth reception of goods by the recipient. The range of services for exporting include:

  • registration of a complete package of railway transportation documents;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo insurance;
  • implementation of laboratory tests;
  • radiological examination;
  • environmental control;
  • certification of cargo;
  • registration of financial guarantees for excisable goods;
  • cargo tracking, monitoring delays and eliminating their causes.

Which product groups do we accept for export?

All types of grain, oilseeds, legumes, and agro-processing and food products; as well as petroleum, chemicals and building materials. Please fill out the feedback form.

What documents does1LC prepare for cargo export?

To cross borders without difficulties,  FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY prepares:

  • accreditation card at customs (original and copy);
  • certificate of  currency declaration ​​for the current quarter (for Ukrainian enterprises);
  • contract and its specification;
  • invoice (must accompany the cargo abroad) with translation of the invoice;
  • TIR Carnet (if available);
  • CMR, sea, air or rail consignment note;
  • calculation or purchase document.

What railcars do we use to transport goods for export?

For the transportation of goods for export, we provide all following cars:

  • grain hoppers;
  • cement trucks;
  • mineral wagons;
  • covered cars;
  • refrigerator cars;
  • thermoses;
  • tanks;
  • platforms.

To clarify the features of the exporting service, call +38 (044) 481 3344 or send an email with questions to: 1lk.office@1lk.com.ua

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Ukraine is one of Europe’s most active exporters. Deliveries are carried out into European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. At the same time, the state provides an extensive network of railwaysfor transit from China and Central Asia. FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY transports your cargo abroad in the shortest possible time. We invite you to use our services.

What we export

The greatest demand from importers are:

  • grains and other crops of plant origin;
  • animal fats and oils;
  • minerals: coal, ferrous metals;
  • non-metallic materials: crushed stone, sand;
  • wood and its byproducts.

Certain types of cars are used depending on the material being shipped. When crossing the Western European border, it is necessary to change sets of bogies or transfer to other cars, since the gauge in these countries is narrower. In any case, time is wasted, and the primary task is to reduce losses.

International freight transportation is widely used by 1LC, providing customers with prompt paperwork for customs clearance, obtaining permits, developing the shortest routes, and providing a security escort. Our professional approach reduces financial costs and delivery time to the consignee. It helps to develop the export of goods from Ukraine and strengthen partnerships.

Individual approach

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY has been engaged in transportation abroad for many years, destinations both near and far. The accumulated experience plays an important role, owing to which clients receive:

  • high quality and prompt service;
  • a logistics system that has improved over the years;
  • reasonable tariffs;
  • minimal risks.

Start the dialogue by filling out the form. Having received the application, managers will immediately get in touch and help to deal with the problems that have arisen. Refer to the professionals - this is a guarantee of successful completion of the transaction.