Forwarding services and transit

Examination, insurance, and protection of cargo, the planning of the optimal route and services of forwarding and transit through the territory of Ukraine –all in one package.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY provides forwarding and transit through the territory of Ukraine. We transport export, import and transit cargoes, including a full package of services. Full package of services includes:

  • development of an optimal route for cars with a minimum number of technical stops along the way;
  • compliance with the terms and conditions of delivery in accordance with the contract;
  • payment of the tariff rate according to the transit code;
  • cargo insurance;
  • cargo tracking, monitoring of delays and eliminating  their causes, registration of financial guarantees for excisable goods;
  • certification of cargo (laboratory research, etc.);
  • radiological examination;
  • environmental control.

What documents does 1LC prepare for forwarding or transit through Ukraine?

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY takes all the trouble to register the full package of documents, including any necessary customs clearance. Call +38 (044) 481 3344 to request the complete list of documents regarding your cargo.

What are the other features of1LC transit and forwarding services?

Following is a list of freight forwarding services: insurance of cargo, registration of commodity-transport documents, and the signing of contracts with other possible participants. In addition, the package of services includes sorting, storage and transportation of goods.

Transit delivery takes place in sealed vehicles with a route from the customs of one country to the customs of another. 1LC specialists prepare routes, confirm the level of security and other documentation in order to remove numerous checks in transit areas and for the smooth process of customs clearance.

What are the advantages of working with 1LC?

We have competitive tariffs for services and a wide dispatching network for obtaining up-to-date information about cargo. One advantage of cooperation with 1LC is the high professionalism of our managers.

1LC specialists select the optimal type of transport for fast and efficient delivery. If necessary, we arrange the use of additional equipment for railway stations, ports, terminals and warehouses.

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The transportation of goods is connected with large volumes of loading and unloading, etc. A bulky set of documents and permits is required. Most of the issues arise in transporting the cargo across the territory of several countries - transit. FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY offers a professional forwarding service, eliminating the need to maintain additional staff.

What does the service include

Freight forwarding is rather complex, which includes a number of organizational issues:

  • reception, loading and unloading of commodities and material values;
  • registration of accompanying documents;
  • insurance;
  • carrying out examinations;
  • maintenance and transfer to the recipient;
  • signing all necessary contracts with third parties.

When performing a service, knowledge of legislation, regulations and rules is required.  Mistakes can lead to the imposition of a fine, delays in transit, disrupting delivery dates, or changes in the properties of perishable goods.

When the transport goes beyond the borders of Ukraine (transit transportation), unimpeded customs inspection is ensured. When crossing the borders of several states, the task is to provide permits that simplify the procedure. Allnecessary documentation is provided.

Professional problem solving

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY has gained rich experience over a long period of time. This reduces the client’s potential risks to a minimum.

The client is provided with:

  • accurate fulfillment of the terms of the contract without violating the terms of forwarding;
  • favorablecost of services;
  • selection of the optimal delivery option.

Fill out the form on the site and get a prompt response to all your questions and concerns. 1LC works without failure and does not failclients.