It includes a wide range of services, including the organization of storage, security and transshipment from one type of transport to another.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY has contracts with port elevators in Odessa, Kherson,and Nikolaev. We provide transshipment services directly in the ports - without the use of storage facilities or with temporary storage at the port terminals. The full range of transshipment services includes:

  • cargo weighing
  • organization of timely delivery of transport
  • receiving and unloading of wagons
  • storage of cargo in a closed protected area
  • control over storage conditions
  • warehouse operations
  • loading and shippingof railway transport
  • transshipment from one type of transport to another
  • registration of necessary certification

Between which types of transport does 1LC handle cargo transshipment?

Our company has the necessary capacity for the transshipment of goods between the railway, ports, air, and road transport.

What warehouse services does 1LC provide?

To ensure the safety of all the physicochemical properties of your goods, we carry out a number of operations, including loading, unloading, security and control over storage.

We offer customers covered and open hangars, containers, tanks, heated tanks for oils that freeze, and other types of containers.

What are the advantages of ordering transshipment from 1LC?

The advantages are many. We offer a comprehensive solution to all issues covering transshipment of goods:

  • operating our own and leased freight wagons;
  • ensuring balanced tariff rates;
  • representatives in all regional centers of Ukraine;
  • cooperation with professional private security agencies.

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Export-import deliveries in most cases take place with a change of transport on the route. Such shipments are called multimodal and they are widely spread.  Railway accounts for a significant share in the cargo turnover. When changing from one type of transport to another, transshipment is required. This service is provided by FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY.

Process features

Large volumes of products are shipped by sea. Containers make up the lion's share – they are all uniform which makes them the most convenient way to transport. After filling, they are weighed, sealed, andthe weight of the empty container is indicated in the documents. The difference gives a net weight, which is important for record keeping.

Thisis how industrial and food products, raw materials and various other materials are handled. Grains, legumes and oilseeds are additionally cleaned from weed impurities, fumigated (disinfectied) and calibrated. It improves consumer quality and increases the value.

The 1LC service package includes:

  • delivery to / from the port;
  • storage services;
  • transfer of material values ​​from / to specialized containers and wagons;
  • port forwarding.

There is some distinction in the transshipment of liquid cargo - vegetable and technical oils, oil, and gasoline. They are pumped from bunker cars to tankers and vice versa. Machinery for handling heavy loads are used for metal products.

Advantages of cooperation with 1LC

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY clients are guaranteed:

  • an individual approach at the signing of the agreement for service;
  • loyal tariffs;
  • high-quality service;
  • a simplified processing procedure for customs.

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