Liquid cargo transportation

A full package of services for the transport of food products, petroleum and chemical shipments. License to transport hazardous substances.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY accepts all types of bulk cargoes of food, petroleum and chemical products, including hazardous substances. Our full range of services covers

  • loading and unloading
  • sampling and transfer of samples for research
  • obtaining the necessary certificates
  • customs clearance (export / import)
  • registration of railway transportation documents
  • cargo insurance
  • organization of private paramilitary security
  • continuous tracking of cargo movement, monitoring delays and eliminating their causes

What types of liquid cargo does1LC transport?

For the transportation of liquid cargo, the company operates tank cars and bunker gondola cars. We transport the following products:

  • food: oils, alcohol, juices, milk, molasses, etc.
  • oil: kerosene, oil, fuel oil, gasoline, etc.
  • chemical: acids, alkalis, liquefied gases and the like.

To clarify the possibility of transporting your goods, call: +38 (044) 481 3344

What are the advantages of transporting liquid cargo by 1LC?

Well-coordinated work by the 1LC team and competitive tariff rates are not the only advantages of transporting liquid cargo with us. Others include the preservation of the physicochemical properties of the cargo, which is achieved by:

  • tanks equipped with control sensors for tracking the physical volume and route;
  • treatment of tanks with disinfectants;
  • technical verification oftanks condition before each loading;
  • cargo insurance for the declared amount.

How are the hazardous goodstransported?

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY has a license for the transportation of hazardous goods of class 1-9 and we treat this type of transportation very seriously. All tanks are thoroughly checked before loading, have a special color and warning stencil.

Find out about other precautions of the transport of hazardous substances by calling: +38 (044) 481 3344

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Among the services provided by FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY is the transportation of liquid cargo. This is the most difficult form of rail transport, as many substances are chemically aggressive, explosive and flammable.

Features and requirements for transportation

A distinctive feature of this type is the liquid consistency and the absence of packing.Cargo is divided into 3 classes: petroleum, chemical and food. Liquid cargo transportation is carried out in tanks. By design, they are available:

  • with and without thermal insulation;
  • with shadow protection;
  • with heated jacket;
  • with steam and electric heating;
  • applying a protective layer.

Load capacity ranges from 30 to 120 tons. Depending on weight, either two-axis, eight-axis, and four-axis systems are chosen.

A special category is hazardous goods. Their movement is carried out in accordance with current regulations and is subject to licensing. Not all carriers provide this service. The cars are painted in a certain color and special warning labels are applied.

Correct temperatureis important for food products. At the wrong temperature, food products loose quality, storage time is reduced, and premature deterioration sets in.

Reliable partnership

Collaboration with FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY brings clients many benefits:

  • correct registration of accompanying documents, including customs clearance;
  • timely delivery to the addressee regardless of its location;
  • competitive fees for services;
  • proper condition of rolling stock with mandatory technical inspections;
  • transportation license.

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