Organization of railcar forwarding

Full documentary support and fast forwarding of railcars in case of change of the recipient, destination and force majeure.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY efficiently carries out the forwarding of wagons due to the change of the recipient, destination or force majeure.  In a short time our professional team will carry out the necessary change of documents and rerouting. Forwarding is carried out in the case of:

  • change of the recipient;
  • change of the destination;
  • route changes in case of force majeure (road accident, weather conditions).

What services does 1LC provide in the case of wagon forwarding?

As quickly as possible FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY will prepare all the necessary documentation for forwarding. If necessary, we will prepare a new route for fast delivery to the recipient. For more details regarding this service, please call: +38 (044) 481 3344

What are the advantages of colloboration with 1LC?

One advantage of cooperation with 1LC is the high professionalism of our managers.

We quickly plan a new route and prepare the necessary documents for delivery. If necessary, we arrange additional equipment for railway stations, ports, terminals and warehouses.

Is it possible to orderonly forwarding services?

For information about the possibility of forwarding your shipment, please contact our manager by phone +38 (044) 481 3344 or leave your contact details in the feedback form.

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Changing the consignee or destination leads to the need to send the goods to a new address. Execution of “cargo forwarding” service should be entrusted to the professionals of FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY.

How does the process go?

The most common reasons for forwarding are:

  • the recipient’s refusal to accept the delivered commodities or materials;
  • change of destination;
  • an incorrect address indicated in the registered documents;
  • force majeure caused by weather conditions or unforeseen delays in transit.

Shipment of cargo to another address or other legal entity / individual is possible both along the route and at the end terminal. The issue of forwarding is solved on the basis of the application of the shipper, transmitted by any means of communication, but with a mandatory written confirmation.

Partial and full forwarding of railway cars is allowed. The whole package of documents is subject to change. Additional costs related with the downtime of cars, transfer to other trains or reregistration of documents, are paid by the initiator - the sender or recipient.

Of particular difficulty are operations at customs. Without obtaining the consent of the customs services, no action is taken.

Our advantages


  • provide forwarding in accordance with current regulations;
  • keep the shortest time frame possible ;
  • minimize additional costs.

Submit the completed form on site. Our managers will immediately call you and work out a solution to any complex problem. Do not waste time; it will only cost you in the end.