Bulk cargo transportation

Provision of open and closed railcars, registration of all necessary documentation, loading and unloading, certification and other additional services.

FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY transports any bulk cargo by our own and leased wagons. We provide a full range of freight forwarding services:

  • loading and unloading;
  • sampling and transfer of samples for research;
  • obtaining the necessary certificates
  • customs clearance (export / import)
  • registration of railway transportation documents
  • cargo insurance
  • organization of private paramilitary cargo security
  • continuous tracking of cargo movement, monitoring delays and elimination of their causes.

What bulk cargo does 1LC carry?

We operate a wide variety of railcars for the transport of most bulk cargo. These include:

  • building rubble;
  • clay;
  • rock;
  • cement;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • iron ore;
  • coal;
  • peat;
  • lime;
  • gypsum, etc.

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What railcars does the company provide for the transport of bulk cargo?

The highly qualified staff of FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY allows you to choose the optimal type of cars to preserve the integrity and properties of your cargo. Among them are open, closed wagons and special structures:

  • gondola cars
  • dump cars;  
  • hoppers;
  • cement trucks;
  • mineral wagons;
  • tanks;
  • peat wagons.

If necessary, the cars are equipped with fences made from boards, craft paper, wall claddings and pneumatic vibrators.

What are the advantages of ordering services from1LC?

In addition to the abovementioned services, the client will receive:

  • optimal tariff rates, due to having our own fleet of railway cars and representative offices in all regions of Ukraine;
  • error-free paperwork registration;
  • quick response to any changes in the route, the change of the recipient, and so on.
  • ability to track the location of rolling stock along the entire route.

On the other advantages of cooperation regarding your shipment, please contact our  manager by phone: +38 (044) 481 3344

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FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY suggests using its services when transporting bulk cargoes. Our extensive car fleet possesses specialized equipment for each type of goods. The entire operation involving the delivery of bulk cargo is performed by our staff. This reduces the cost and improves quality.

What and how we transport

Bulk materials allowed for rail transportation include coal, pellets, building materials, wood waste, mineral fertilizers, food products, and much more. For each type there is a specifically equipped wagon.

The choice of car design depends on whether the load needs to be protected from precipitation, high / low temperatures and other atmospheric phenomena.

The company has at its disposal:

  • grain-carriers, mineral-carrying cars, cement-carries, preventing moisture, and dispersion;
  • open-top gondola cars;
  • specialized tanks that provide an optimal environment during transportation;
  • Covered wagons for goods packed in containers.

The transportation of grains and oilseeds is assigned a special category.  Grain and its products are the most important for the country and its agricultural producers. They are transported under  special conditions observing all the bulk cargo rules and regulations.

What are the benefits

All issues associated with document flow; customs clearance, loading / unloading, accurately choosing the number of cars is taken over by FIRST LOGISTIC COMPANY. The client only provides the necessary information and waits for the goods to arrive at their destination.

Clientsare provided with:

  • competitive rates;
  • short delivery times;
  • unlimited number of cars;
  • compliance with current rules and regulations.

To start cooperation, fill in the application form and await the manager’s call. Everything else will be done for you by professionals!