Ukraine launches the process of renewing the fleet of freight cars

An appropriate program has been developed and is planned to be approved by the Government in the nearest future. In the coming years, it is planned to build and upgrade more than 30,000 gondola cars and almost 15,000 grain cars. As a result, according to the plans, the average age of cars will be reduced several times and will be 7 years. This is an important issue, as today the wear of rolling stock in Ukraine is over 90%. Its gradual update is extremely necessary for all market participants. The First Logistics Company welcomes this initiative. Under conditions of successful realization, the needs of the market will be met by modern rolling stock, instead of cars which actually are scrap metal. Our own fleet consists exclusively of new cars that undergo constant maintenance. All available cars are innovative, large-cube and have anti-vandal protection, so customers can be sure that all goods will be delivered reliably and on time.