The State Regulatory Service has approved a draft order of the Mininfrastructure to reduce the service life of freight cars

Limiting the service life of rolling stock, writing off existing domestic cars, and modernizing the fleet will generate additional funds to the country's budget, revive and stimulate their car building and create jobs for highly skilled workers in the industry. "This is good news for the renewal of rolling stock and an essential step towards improving transportation safety and developing our car industry. Now on the Ukrainian tracks, you can find obsolete carriages aged over 50-60 years. Such cars are a threat to traffic safety. They destroy the upper structure of the track and pose a potential danger to accidents and human life, "said Alexander Pirogov, director of the First Logistics Company. Further ignoring the situation regarding the use of obsolete wagons will inevitably lead to accidents, inefficient spending of budget funds to eliminate the consequences of the operation of railway infrastructure by old wagons, and the complete loss of the Ukrainian wagon industry. Last year, the First Logistics Company purchased new cars from PJSC Kryukivskyy Carriage Building Plant. Contractors must receive only quality services, and new and safe vehicles travel on the tracks.